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Arm Lift, Brachioplasty in Istanbul, Turkey by experienced Plastic Surgeons.

The skin on the upper arms becomes saggy after weight loss, pregnancy or due to very weak connective tissue and removing the excess skin with an arm lift operation can be the solution for the people. Before an arm lift the patient’s ideal weight should be achieved with dietary and sporting activities.

The methods of an Arm Lift

In the most common surgical technique of an Upper Arm Lifting (Brachioplasty) the surgeon removes the excess skin with a cut on the inside of the upper arm, so that the incisions will come in the inner side of the upper arms. These scars are not visible from front, when the arms are laying aside in a relaxed position.

In some cases the upper arm contour can also be operated with liposuction and the removing of the excess fatty tissue can be sufficient, if the upper arms are not saggy. Although in some cases, only a liposuction can be sufficient to achieve the desired lift, but it can also be supported by an arm lift surgery.

Follow-Up after an arm lift operation

Wearing corset underwear or a compression bandage for 4 weeks is recommended after surgery and scar ointments are helpful in scar therapy. The most common risks after an arm surgery are bruising, swelling, numbness, and unsightly visible scars.

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