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Labiaplasty, Intimate Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey by experienced Plastic Surgeons.

Today, many women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia and they often refuse going to a doctor, even if aesthetic surgery of the genitalia is quite common. Due to the natural aging, hereditary predisposition, hormonal influences, births and severe weight fluctuations, the female intimate areas can be greater than normal, look irregular and ugly. These can disturb women when wearing bikinis, g-strings, tight trousers, sports clothing or when making certain sports such as horse-riding, cycling or during sexual intercourse. So that, large labia cause entirely to problems in everyday life. In this case, Labiaplasty is one of the most common operations.

Inner labia (Labia Minora) cover the clitoris on the genital area. The lips become smaller towards the back and form a curvature through the outer labia (labia majora) backwards.

Intimate Surgery step by step

The engagement of the inner labia can also be combined with the correction of the outer labia (labia majora). Prior to surgery the specialist determines with you exactly the changes you desire, e.g. either excess fat or excess skin is present at the intimate area and measures the appropriate amount of skin and tissue to be removed. Depending on the extent of this spindle-shaped excess skin the operation can be made with a LASER cutter or carefully with a normal surgical knife. Then the wound are sutured closed with absorbable stitches.

After an Intimate Surgery

The labia is an area with good blood supply. This helps the operated skin heal fast within 1-2 weeks. The scar is almost invisible. As with any surgical procedure, it comes in a few cases to swelling or minor bleeding. These usually disappear after a very short time. Your doctor will recommend antibiotic ointments, sitz baths and special hygienic protections to prevent ignition. The patients should refrain from sexual intercourse for at least 2-3 weeks.


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