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Many people are dreaming of slim hips, flat stomach and firm butt. Doing exercises and making diet will not often get rid of the fat on the body regions. The fat especially in local fat deposits like the belly, under the chin, on the hips, the knees, at the ankle, on the upper arms and thigh can be removed with a liposuction surgery.

Liposuction for a physical harmony

Basically, liposuction provides a good way to eliminate unwanted flab and thus the body’s own perception for a positive change.

The ideal candidate for the operation is the candidate with a normal weight or with weight, which is slightly higher than normal, who has excess flab in certain parts of his / her body. For example, the most appropriate time of the operation for new mothers is usually the end of the first year after birth. In men, the operation can also be performed, e.g. for the removal of excess fat around the abdominal area, on the waist or the chest (Gynecomastia).

The procedure of liposuction

Liposuction surgeries, which are implemented by plastic surgeons since 70 years, be performed in recent years with a new technology, the wet technique.

–  At the beginning of the operation, the surgeon infiltrates into the treated problem areas a special, pre-warmed saline in combination with e.g. analgesics. Thereafter, the injected fluid must act for at least 20 minutes and separates the fat cells from one another and from their other attachments.
–  So it will be possible for your surgeon to prefer a smaller cannula for the aspiration of the targeted fat globules. The performed incisions are 4-5 mm that no visible scars remain after the surgery.
–  As a result, the remaining layer of fat will be shaped by the surgeon using fat equalization probes.

After a liposuction surgery

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and the patient is 1 night stationary in the hospital. After surgery, the specialist recommends the patient to wear an abdominal corset for 6 weeks constantly and in the following six weeks 12 hours a day. Physical exertion and stressful sports should be avoided for up to 3 months.

Bruising or swelling are also to be expected in liposuction for the first few weeks after treatment.


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