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Breast Correction, Mastopexy, Boob Lift with and without Implants in Istanbul, Turkey by experienced Plastic Surgeons specialized in the field.

The breasts are the symbols of femininity and beauty. Breast Lifting often occurs after major weight gains and losses, pregnancy, lactation periods and with aging. Most of the overweight women have big fat in their breasts, which stretched by its own weight and hung low. The goal of breast lift surgery is the formation of breast tissue, lifting the nipples to their optimal position and the pressure relief on the areolas.

The operation methods of a Breast Lift

Also for breast lift surgeries, the methods are similar to breast reduction surgery. The difference from the breast reduction is that a little tissue removed by breast lifting, because the breast volume is not intended to reduce here.

Anchor Lift (T-Incision): This is when the incision is made similar to the lollipop, but also travels along the breast crease, forming an anchor shape. In strong sagging breasts can be a T- Incision performed with the expectation of good results.

Lollipop Lift (I-Incision): A lollipop-shaped vertical incision is made from the crease of the breast vertically and surrounds the nipple. In a moderate sagging breast, it is possible to remove a larger area of skin with the vertical incision far below the nipple.

Crescent Lift: Involves a crescent of skin removed at the top of the nipple to improve nipple position. With a slight breast lift only one incision around the areola will be enough to accomplish the removal of the surface skin layer.

Breast lift with internal bra (own tissue breast lift): The technique of the internal bra is a modern technique with long-term success. With this technique a renewed sagging of the breast and thus renewed slackening is counteracted in the long term. To do this, some of the excess skin is used as a support like a tight belt on the lower part of the breast. The breast rests on two sewn reins, like on a hammock, and therefore remains in the tightened position. This demanding form of breast lift results in a significantly longer lift compared to the standard methods. The technique is suitable for women who have a clearly sagging breast and who have enough volume in the breasts.

Sometimes a breast enlargement surgery is also required if the breasts have lost their volume.

The post-treatment with a breast lifting

It is recommended to get rid of stressful work and personal obligations at least 4 weeks after the breast lifting and to wear a special bra.

Swelling and soft bruising are normal after surgery and usually disappear after some time by itself.

In rare cases adverse reactions can occur, such as capsular contracture.

Swelling and easy bruising also occur with this treatment and usually disappear after some time by itself. The performed area of skin can still has a reddish color for some time, but will gradually regress. Optionally, suitable cream may be applied to assist the healing process. The feeling on the skin after a breast lift may be less around the nipple depending on the size of the intervention.


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