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Are your breasts in relation to your physique too big? Do you suffer from back, shoulder, joint pain or headache? In the breast reduction surgeries your breasts are shaped into a more streamlined, aesthetic form, which the feeling and the ability to breast-feeding are being noticed if possible. These techniques all enable the correction of different breast sizes and innate abnormalities of the form which can be aesthetically adjusted by a reduction of the breast.

The surgical methods of breast reduction

For breast reduction, the operation methods are similar to breast lifting:

Anchor Lift (T-Incision): Performed for very large and sagging breasts and when a lot of tissue should be removed. This is when the incision is made similar to the lollipop, but also travels along the breast crease, forming an anchor shape.

Lollipop Lift (I-Incision): This incision technique is generally a good idea for women with moderately large breasts. In a vertical incision breast reduction, your doctor will make an ‘I-incision’ around the areola and down the breast.

Crescent Lift: Breast reduction surgery will be performed with an incision in the crease of the breast or in the armpit to remove breast tissue through very small incisions. The resulting scars are only a few millimeters wide.

Accessory Breasts (Polymastia)

Various breast malformations can be a major problem for women. The so-called polymastia can be corrected within the framework of aesthetic operations and the breasts can be given a new shape. Correction for polymastia is based on removing the extra mammary gland. Depending on the location of the additional breast and its proximity to the “regular” breasts, simply removing the additional tissue is often not enough. In order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, shape corrections usually have to be made to the breasts. Accessory breasts are usually placed in the armpits or slightly below, but it can also be located under the normal breast. Accessory breasts (Polymastia) can be removed well with liposuction and can also be combined with a breast reduction.

Breast reduction removes excess tissue, skin, fat and the mammary gland. The breast is reshaped and, as a rule, the nipple is moved upwards, whereby the ability to feel and breastfeed should be retained if possible.

Post-surgical recovery

In the early period after surgery the swelling and soft bruising of the skin are normal. To alleviate the swelling in the wound, the patient receives a special dressing after breast reduction – usually in the form of a bra.

For very large breasts a part of the nipple may become darker in color, which leads to an asymmetry that can be corrected after about 6 months under local anesthesia.


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