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The breasts are symbols of femininity and beauty! For many women, the shape and size of the breast play a central role in how they perceive their own body and thus also in their self-esteem. Breast augmentation with implants gives many women lifelong pleasure, but after a certain period of time an implant change may be desired. The reasons for changing an implant can be varied:

Expiry of the shelf life / guarantee of the implants
Desire for larger or smaller breasts
Desire for a different shape of the breasts, round or teardrop-shaped implants
Capsular contracture (fibrosis)
Special reasons

Older generation breast implants usually have a limited lifespan of around 10-15 years and must be replaced during this period.

With modern implants of the latest generation, however, a change is not necessary, unless there are problems with the implant or the implant size needs to be adjusted.

What is capsular contracture(fibrosis)?

Another reason for changing implants is capsular contracture or other abnormal findings in the breast area. As a normal reaction, the body forms a shell around every implanted foreign body, including the breast implant. Over time, this shell becomes thicker and firmer and can be felt by the patient over time. This is called a capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is not dangerous, but it can be uncomfortable, it can cause drawing pain and change both the shape of the breast and the position of the implant. Capsular contracture usually takes 10 to 15 years to develop.

Replacing or changing implants is only recommended if there is pain or if there has been a visible change in the shape of the breast. The patient can also take out insurance against the risk of capsular contracture. The implant manufacturers have included capsular contracture as part of their product guarantee. Many women feel insecure about their old breast implants. They wonder how safe their implants are and whether a change is needed. The exchange should take place independently if complaints arise in the individual case.

How does an implant change work?

An implant change is carried out under general anesthesia and basically corresponds to the procedure for removing the implant. Here, too, the existing scar in the breast fold is used as an access if possible so that additional scar formation can often be avoided or at least limited. In most cases, it is necessary to create a new implant bed in order to insert the new implants. For this purpose, a new implant pocket is formed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. A new arrangement of the implants can be useful not only for aesthetic reasons, but also supports the regeneration of the tissue and, under certain circumstances, reduces the risk of complications.

How does implant removal work?

An incision about 4-5 cm long is made in the fold under the breast and the implant is removed. The incision is usually made at the site where the implant was originally placed. The scar is hidden in the breast crease. Glandular tissue and breast tissue are redistributed in the breast during surgery to reshape the breasts. The sagging breast can then be padded with lipofilling (autologous fat transplantation) and the breast volume can be balanced. There is often excess skin. Of course, this should also be removed with a breast lift so that the breast remains beautiful. Sometimes the incision to remove the implant can be gained through the lower edge of the areola.


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