Terms of Service

Bosphorus Aesthetics – General Terms and Conditions

Our services include only the organization of services and appointment scheduling/free planning of the treatments. The implementation of the relevant services is not part of our consulting services. This is especially true for all medical services, i.e. the operation, the associated medical pre- and post-treatments as well as any other medical ancillary services.

The consultation team is not a travel agent. Through the services booked each individual contracts are concluded with the tour operator or the airline, the hotel, the hospital and transfer companies. The provision of the service arranged as such, is not part of our consulting service.

Consultations for the information (prices, etc.) by service providers are based exclusively on the information provided by the responsible service providers. Information about the arranged services is based solely on information given to us by the provider. The information that we provide is not guaranteed or assured regarding its correctness, completeness or actuality. All information provided by us is relative to the actuality of the information received. In the case of the consultations we are not responsible for the proper provision of services by the service provider.

Specifically excluded any liability on our part to claims which are founded on the provision of medical care institutions and also the translations of contracts with the clinics/hospitals. The provision of services (air travel, medical services, etc.) is not one of our duties. In particular, the decision regarding the type of medical treatment carried out is made exclusively by you. The decision on the type of medical treatment rests solely with the patient, in particular, a liability on our part for medical malpractice. The operation, associated medical pre-and post-treatments, and any other ancillary medical services are foreign, which may also be consulted only. Therefore we are not liable for any improper treatment, in particular any treatment errors. The patient signs a contract for this part of the trip to the doctor, clinic or hospital if required by them.

All the patients, who are planning to have a treatment or already undergone the treatment, accept that they read, understood and consented this “Terms of Service” document.

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