Bichectomy Surgery by experienced Facial Surgeons specialized in the field

Chubby cheeks can make a person look more childlike or plumper than they are. Reducing the volume of the fat pads to hollow out the cheeks and slim down the face can be a solution for many people. This makes the face look more beautiful with harmonious, V-shaped silhouette. Bichectomy aims to slim the face by removing excess fat tissue and the result is long-term youthful, slim, V-shaped contours as mentioned. Unlike cheek liposuction, which gives a lesser result with a lot of swelling, Bichectomy gives very clean results and the patients could immediately see that their cheeks and face are slimmer.

The procedure involves making small incisions inside the mouth, on the inner cheek from which the excess fat can be removed. After the operation, the small cut in the oral cavity is sutured with absorbable sutures, which do not need to be removed, as they decompose on their own. The internal threads, which are barely noticeable after the bichectomy, dissolve completely by themselves within a few days. The whole procedure is achieved without any visible external scar. The treatment is not painful and can be conveniently carried out in the clinic under local anesthesia or in sedation anesthesia. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Immediately after the procedure, the patient is already socially acceptable. However, the patient should only consume liquid food on the day of the treatment and the next day, as small sutures are placed in the mouth during the bichectomy. The patient should regularly clean the mouth carefully to avoid infections and avoid dairy products if possible. Small swellings and edema that appear in the first few days after the procedure can be cooled with cold compresses. Elevating the headboard in bed can help reduce swelling. During this time, the patient should avoid physical exertion. In any case, you should avoid any physical activity in the first two weeks after a bichectomy. After 3-4 weeks, the final result of the treatment can finally be viewed. Since the removed cheek fat cells do not grow back, the contour improvement achieved is permanent.


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