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The chin is a prominent part of the face and contributes significantly to the overall impression. A well-defined chin line is often considered an attractive feature in both men and women. Unfortunately, not all of us are naturally gifted with strong chins. Raising or enhancing the chin with the help of prosthesis (implant) is a simple but very effective way to even out facial features and create a beautiful profile. Chin implants are designed to improve the shape and structure of the chin, giving patients a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

Chin implant

A chin or jaw implant can be a solution for those patients who are dissatisfied with a weak or receding chin. The men and women who want to emphasize their jawline and neck more and add some facial symmetry to their profile are good candidates for a chin implant if their teeth and jaw are working well. Due to a small chin bone, the double chin can make many patients dissatisfied that can also be fixed with chin implants.

During the surgery, a small implant is placed in the chin to improve the area and give it a clear contour. At the beginning of the operation, a small incision is made in the oral cavity, which is usually not seen from the outside or inside later. A pocket for the implant is created in the chin via this access and the implant is inserted into the chin and fixed either with metal screws or plates made of high-purity titanium. This material can be removed later if necessary, but this is usually not necessary. Finally the incisions are sewn up.

Chin corrections with implants can be performed on an outpatient basis under intravenous sedation. After the procedure, the patient can rest in the clinic for a few hours. He is fit and healthy enough to return to everyday life in less time. In the first few days there may be swelling and pain. Cooling with ice in a cloth bag or damp cloths brings about a significant improvement. Mouth wounds can be treated with disinfectant rinses. Soft food is recommended after the operation. The patient should avoid heavy physical activity, sauna and solarium in the phase after the operation. Raising the head in bed can help reduce swelling. Sometimes there can be a loss of sensation in the surgical area. This usually disappears on its own in the weeks after the chin operation. The end result is visible up to 6 weeks after the operation.

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