Chin reduction surgery by experienced Facial Surgeons specialized in the field

Unfortunately, while a large, square chin appears masculine, strong, and energetic, a chin that is too large is considered brutal. Such an assessment can have a negative effect on the whole person. If the jawbone is particularly large and prominent, part of the bone may be surgically removed.

A chin reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure can be done through the oral cavity, either through an incision on the inside of the lower lip, or through an incision from the outside under the chin. The jawbone is milled with a small bone cutter and brought into the desired shape. An alternative method is to saw out a wedge-shaped piece of bone from the inside of the mandible. At the end, the lower jaw is screwed to a metal bar made of titanium.

After a chin reduction

In the first few days after a chin reduction, the chin area is swollen. Therefore, the result can only be reliably assessed after one week. Cooling compresses and sleeping with your upper body elevated will help reduce swelling. Thorough oral hygiene is very important with sutures inside the oral cavity. The patient should eat only soft food and drink only water during the healing process. A bandage will support the chin area for the first ten days. After 7 days, the sutures are removed unless self-dissolving sutures are used in the surgery.

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