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The endoscopic facelift is a very special method that is one of the most modern techniques for face-lifting and is suitable for lifting the forehead, midface and the cheek area.

With this modern technology, a tube-shaped ultra-modern camera, the endoscope, is brought under the skin through 1-2 cm very small incisions in the hairline. Once the incisions have been made for the lifting of the midface and the cheek area; it is inserted a thin wand-like device below the surface of the skin over the temple and placed on the zygomatic areas. Equipped with a small camera, it allows the procedure to be seen on a monitor. Small surgical instruments are then introduced through the remaining incisions. These are used to remove excess fatty tissue and to reshape facial muscles and tissue that have become loose over time; those are the reason for an exhausted, older appearance. In this way, many of the key factors contributing to sagging or drooping in the face are resolved without the need for large incisions. Often an endoscopic face lift is combined with lipofilling (fat injection to the face) or with other minimal invasive treatments, e.g. with hyaluronic acid filler and botox, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Endoscopic facelift results nearly scarless, no major incisions are required with the endoscopic facelift. Since the face lift is performed with minimal cuts in the hair, there will be no visible scars after the operation. Therefore this technology has many advantages compared to the SMAS Mini Facelift. With this method, the risks and complications are significantly less. This technology in turn has the great advantage that patients recover very quickly, can return to work after a very short time and are completely socially acceptable. The endoscopic facelift is also very suitable for men because it does not change the natural look of the beard line in men. The traditional technique involves cutting and pulling the skin along the beard line that most men do not find beautiful.

An endoscopic face lift can produce very good results, especially for younger patients between the ages of 40 and 50. If the skin begins to show signs of aging, these can be minimized with the endoscopic facelift. The endoscopic facelift is mainly used to lift the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids, the cheek area and the midface which are often difficult to reach during traditional facelift surgery. In the case of pronounced facial wrinkles, other classic face lifting methods should be used.


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