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Wrinkles are the traces of life and carry out part of the human personality. Our vitality and facial expressions are supported by many situations every day that may be associated with happiness, but also worry and stress.

Typical Face Wrinkles

 Marionette Lines
Mouth angle folds also called marionette lines occurs between the chin and lower jaw edge

–  Frown Lines
They arise when squeezed between the eyebrows

–  Crow’s feet
This laughter lines occur with the squinting of the eyes

–  Forehead Wrinkles
They result with the lifting of the eyebrows on the forehead

–  Mouth Wrinkles
This also smoke folds called mouth wrinkles occurs around the lip edge

–  Chin wrinkles
They occur around the chin edge (e.g. during sleep)

–  Nasolabial folds
The nasolabial fold is created by the characteristic course of two fronts of the nose down to the corners of the mouth

–  Nose wrinkles
The so-called Bunny Lines arise with age between nose and nasal root when we grin or laugh

In the following pages you can find detailed information about your desired face wrinkles treatment:

–  BOTOX Injection
–  Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid)
–  Fat Injection

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