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Full lips mean for many people the sensuality and passion. If the lips are so thin, they can disturb the overall picture of the face. The goal through a lip lift is to get a natural and full lips.

The methods for Lip Lift

Bullhorn Lip Lift: In the course of life, the distance between the nose and upper lip increases due to age. The shortening of the distance between nose and lip is possible with a Lip lift procedure.

A Bullhorn Lip Lift, also known as a subnasal lift, is a special form of lip lift and it shortens the space between the upper lip and nostrils. A very fine incision will be made at the base of the nose, curving around the nostrils in the shape of a bull’s horn which gives the procedure its name. By removing and lifting a small amount of tissue under the nose, the lips are lifted and slightly turned out, appearing more youthful, and fuller. More of the red lip is visible and thicker.

With a Bullhorn Lip Lift, a long-lasting result is achieved with just one treatment. Due to the special cut along the nostrils and the nasal bridge, the cut lies in the area of the natural skin fold where the scar is usually very well hidden and not noticeable when healed. Slight swelling and bruising are normal after the treatment.

Gullwing Lip Lift: The Gullwing Lip Lift enlarges the lips by making incisions around the entire lip right at the border. During the treatment, the lips are separated from the facial skin. The gullwing lip lift is a good alternative for patients who also want to move the position of the lower lip forward permanently or for men with beard hair who can then better hide the surgical scar.

In a gullwing lip lift, incisions are made around the entire mouth, excess skin is removed, and the edge of the lip is pushed outward to enlarge the lips. A gullwing lip lift creates a fine scar along the border of the lip where it meets the skin of the face. Lipstick for women and facial hair for men usually cover the scar completely.


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