Turbinate Reduction Surgery by experienced Nose Specialists

The turbinates ensure that the surface inside the nose is enlarged. This enables the nose to warm up and humidify the air it sucks in before it is released into the lungs via the trachea.

Many people suffer from a permanently blocked nose. There can be several reasons for this. A common reason is an enlarged inferior turbinate. Allergic reactions or changes in blood flow can lead to permanent swelling of the nasal concha. Enlarged or otherwise swollen turbinates cause nasal breathing to become difficult and obstructed in many patients. As a direct result, it can lead to mouth breathing at night and then to snoring.

With the modern, gentle method of radio frequency therapy, the turbinate reduction can be performed in a short operation under general anesthesia. Radio frequency energy is used to heat the treatment area. The warming causes shrinkage and ultimately scarring inside the turbinate, which leads to a reduction in volume, i.e. a reduction in the size of the turbinate. After the operation, a tamponade is placed in the nose for 1-3 nights. This process of healing and reduction can take a few weeks. It’s practically pain free.

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