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A person has an average of 100.000-125.000 hair on his head and up to 100 hair loss/per day is normal. After 50 years old every second man suffers from hair loss, which leads back to anemia, malnutrition, irrational use of medicines, skin diseases, hormones or genetic.

The hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is the most common hair loss, which is probably responsible for about 95% of the hair loss, both in men and women. This usually occurs from mid-twenties and goes up in predictable stages over varying periods of time. In this case, the hair root is damaged and weakened by the increased influence of male hormones such as testosterone. The growing hair is short, soft and fluffy and covers less and less the scalp. The growth phase is shortened and then occurs the thinning of the hair until these hairs are lost forever.

Today, not only men but also women suffer among hair loss because of genetic and environmental factors.

Various panacea and lotions promise fast and effective cure, but these are usually counterproductive products. All these products have limited effectiveness. With new technologies, the alternative treatment methods to hair transplant are increasing, but hair transplant still appears as the only radical solution.

In the following pages you can find detailed information about your desired hair transplant and alternative treatments:

–  DHI CHOI PEN Hair Transplant
  Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
–  Beard Transplant
–  Eye Brow Transplant
  Regenera Activa Stem Cell Treatment for Hair
–  PRP Therapy for Hair
–  Hair Mesotherapy


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