Hifu Nonsurgical Facelift by experienced Doctors specialized in the field

HIFU ultrasound treatment is the nonsurgical skin lifting treatment that uses ultrasound energy to lift, firm and tighten the skin in the areas of the face, chin, jawline and neck. It uses the body’s own regenerative response and implements a non-invasive approach to the deeper layers of connective tissue and collagens, which can be achieved only in a surgical procedure otherwise.

How does HIFU Ultherapy treatment work?

As well as on other ultrasound applications, a flat ultrasonic head is placed on the skin, which projects an image on a monitor by which your doctor can plan where he will apply the ultrasound energy. During the treatment the ultrasound energy will be applied to full face, jawline, chin and neck as well. The skin levels 1,5 mm superficial dermis region, 3,0 mm deep dermis region and 4,5 mm SMAS facelift level will be performed precisely during the treatment that continues about 1 hour and the patient can see the work on the screen. The focused ultrasound energy can be released in the intended tissues with this ultrasonic head to stimulate the desired firming effects. The surface of the skin is not injured. The formation of new collagen is stimulated in response to this energy in the skin. The skin will gradually become tighter and tighter, so the patient can look forward to a natural lifting effect.

The feeling of the treatment varies from person to person, but it is unlikely that you will need painkillers during the process. Many patients describe the sensation as a temporary tingling, heat sensation under the skin. This is the ultrasonic energy that acts on the tissue; thereby lifts the skin and tightens it.

After the treatment

After treatment, the patient can immediately return to daily activities and he doesn’t need to take any special measures. Your skin may seem a little reddened after the application. However this redness disappears within a few hours. It is common; that mild swelling occurs after treatment for a few days or the skin is for a while sensitive to touch.

HIFU is one session treatment, lasts in about 2 years and by some patients in longer or shorter period depends on the life quality. There are no complications or no healing time, maybe only bit redness. The results will be seen after the treatment. HIFU is only 1 session treatment. The end result will be seen in 2-3 months.

Ultrasonic energy has been used successfully for more than 50 years in medical diagnostics and therapies. Clinical studies have confirmed the safety of this latest application method. This resulted in a reduced skin laxity of the eyelid and a totally more open, youthful appearance of the eyes overall. Patients reported also in other areas of the face and neck a firmer, tighter skin that feels better. The treatment can’t indeed be equated with surgery, but has been proven to be an effective alternative treatment for all those who are not yet ready for an invasive treatment.

The treatment should only be performed by certified and experienced doctors who are especially specialized on skin tightening treatments, which is the most important detail for the success of treatment. There are many aesthetician, cosmeticians, unspecialized medical doctors who apply the skin treatments so we recommend you paying attention during your research regarding to specialty.

We would be happy if we can give you a first overview. This page is for informational purposes only. Our consultants will be happy to provide you further information. Your satisfaction is our most important concern.

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