Innofacial Hydrafacial medical skin care by experienced specialized Team

Medical Skin Care for Lively Skin, Loss of Moisture, Dry, Oily, Mixed, Sensitive, Dull Skin Problems, Dehydration, Blackheads in Istanbul, Turkey by experienced Team.

What is Hydrafacial medical skin care?

Stress, air pollution, sun exposure and external factors such as sudden changes in temperature cause damage to skin cells, accelerate the accumulation of oxidative damage and free radicals, which are the signs of premature aging of the skin. For a soft, shiny skin individual medical skin care can be applied.

For the right medical skin care, it is important to analyze the skin properly and to consider certain factors. Skin type (dry, oily, mixed, normal, sensitive) and skin problems (acne, blackheads, aging, sun damage, dehydration etc.) of the person should be determined. The data should only be evaluated by trained and experienced specialists in order to plan proper skin care. For the skin, a single product is not sufficient to compensate the moisture content of the skin and to protect the skin from external factors. The effective solution is to treat with professional products that contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Phases of an Hydrafacial medical skin care:

–  Cleaning (Gel)
–  Tonic application
–  Peeling
–  Acne and blackheads cleaning
–  Special serums for your skin structure
–  Mask depending on your skin type (15-20 min)
–  Moisturizer application and massage, depending on skin type

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