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The PlexR ™ is a medically approved skin treatment device that uses plasma energy. During the Plexr treatment, a so-called plasma pen, which is a specially developed device in the form of a pen, is used. The Plasma Pen ionizes the air and creates a plasma arc which is a cloud of these ionized particles. This works like a micro knife for precise tissue removal. The skin contracts through this small and selective “burning away” of the tissue. As a result, the skin can be tightened by the action of heat. Compared to the laser, the use of the PlexR® does not damage the skin, it only stimulates it. The high-energy plasma particles penetrate the skin layers and in this way trigger a tightening effect. It represents the so-called “soft” surgery with the results such as those obtained by surgery so that the PlexR ™ plasma has a healing effect that ensures quick and scar-free healing.

The application areas of Plexr Treatment

There are many common skin conditions which, although benign, are less than attractive and often cause the sufferer embarrassment and distress. Removing these unsightly marks on the skin typically involves laser or energy-based devices which have the potential downside of creating more trauma and, even, the possibility of scarring the skin further. Now, with Soft Surgery by PLEXR, it is possible to treat a wide range of skin concerns without significant risks or downtime:

Upper and lower eyelid lift (sagging eyelids, eyelid correction)
Wrinkle treatment and skin tightening of the face (mouth area, crow’s feet, chin, neck)
Removal of birthmarks, moles, skintags
Scar treatment
Acne treatment
Pigment spots
Stretch marks
Removing tattoos, permanent make-up or unwanted skin changes such as fibroids

Benefits of a PlexR® treatment

Non-surgical eyelid aesthetic is a procedure that quickly shows its effects and provides regeneration. It rejuvenates the skin in many cases, especially the upper and lower eyelids. It is a procedure preferred by those who are afraid of complications of a surgical procedure. Plexr is a non-surgical treatment with its short recovery time. The purpose of this treatment is to improve the look of the eye without a surgical operation.

PlexR® rejuvenates the skin and promotes wound healing without a scalpel, without cuts, without bleeding, without scars and without anesthesia. The result is immediately visible with a relatively short downtime and it is permanent. The treatment is painless and can be carried out using a local anesthetic cream.

After the Plexr treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided for the first few weeks. It is recommended to use a cream with SPF 50. Initially, there will be some redness, swelling and possible discomfort after your Soft Surgery treatment but this will quickly subside. Dots of carbon crust appear on the skin which last for about a week; these should not be forcibly removed.

Possible complications are minimal as there are no incisions being made into the skin. The PLEXR device only removes the targeted skin cells so there’s no trauma to surrounding tissue.

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