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PRP Face Therapy for moisture loss, rough skin, water storage capacity, shiny, brighter, glancy, vibrant, radiant skin in Istanbul, Turkey by experienced Doctors.

Changes in the skin and in its components start with an average of 30 years old. The elasticity of the skin decreases, the collagen changes its structure, which results wrinkles and sagging skin. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), that has been very popular in Hollywood as a variant of autologous blood treatment, is one of the most successful treatments for the above mentioned complaints.

PRP Therapy Step by Step

prpOur blood consists of three fundamental cells: Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, and Platelets. Platelets are the clotting cells of the body, which heal the wound, create new tissues and renew the skin.

At the beginning of a PRP treatment the sufficient whole blood is taken from the patient and will be centrifuged for 10 minutes, so that the supernatant plasma can be separated depending on the method or the blood will be centrifuged again. This achieves 3 to 4 times concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma. Then the platelets are injected into the affected skin area of the patient and it will initiate a cascade of reactions in the skin. In addition to an immediate effect, that achieves a smoothed skin cell, by growth factors the cell repair processes will be initiated and the production of stem cells will be activated.

It is usually recommended that the treatment get done for 3 times, in 1 – 2 weeks intervals. PRP is effective up to 12 – 18 months.

The application areas of PRP Treatment

 PRP Treatment can be used for:

–  The regeneration of UV damaged skin,
–  Regeneration of aging skin,
–  Increasing collagen and elastin production,
–  Increasing the water storage capacity against skin removal, acne and sores on the skin.

After a PRP therapy

Because the therapy is done with the body’s own blood, no side effects or allergic reactions are to be expected.

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