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Recell Stem Cell Treatment

Recell is an innovative method to maximize wound healing by processing and finishing the skin stem cells within 1-2 hours. ReCell® enables cells to be processed directly at the treatment site, without any personnel from a specialist laboratory. This makes the skin engineering process much more cost-effective and time-efficient for both surgeons and their patients.

The sample of cells is taken from behind the ear. The skin quality of this area is very high as it remains covered from solar radiation and external factors. The cells from behind the ear heal quickly, and studies have shown that fast-healing wounds are less prone to scarring. The sample is then placed in the ReCell machine, which uses an enzyme to break down the healthy skin so that it can be suspended in solution. The solution is then placed into a standard syringe fitted with a nozzle which is used to spray the skin cells over the damaged area. After the cells have been processed into a cell suspension, this can immediately be used to treat a wound that can be up to 80 times larger than the skin removal site. Special dressings are then applied, but there is no danger of the body rejecting the cells because they come from the patient’s own body. The dressings gradually lift off themselves as the skin underneath heals, so the patient does not have to go through the painful process of changing them every day. At the beginning of the treatment, dermabrasion and / or laser ablation is used to remove the dead skin and improve wound healing and the finished cell suspension is applied directly to the wound surface as a spray. The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia.

In many cases the result is a significant improvement in the patient’s skin and thus means an improvement in the quality of life for many people. ReCell® was developed based on the technology for the treatment of severe burns and for the treatment of epidermal defects. ReCell® can provide faster healing without scarring or pigmentation disorders.

ReCell® has proven itself in the treatment of burns and scalds as well as traumatic wounds and scars. In addition, ReCell® is used by surgeons in conjunction with traditional skin smoothing procedures. ReCell® can also be extremely effective in accelerating wound healing (after smoothing). ReCell® has been used successfully to treat a number of different forms of hypopigmentation, including stable vitiligo, UV damage and hypopigmented scars. The transplantation of autologous tissue is the best guarantee for an optimal result.

Beauty cell stem cell treatment

Recent studies have shown that fat tissue contains a large number of multipotent stem cells, 1000 times more than bone marrow. Body fat is very rich on stem cells and the stem cells are quickly and efficiently released from these fat tissues. Beauty Cell stem cell treatment from body fat is time-saving and very effective. Even a small amount of fat is sufficient for stem cell therapy. The necessary stem cells can be processed and completed in the laboratory within 1-2 hours with the Beauty Cell treatment of fatty tissue those can be applied at the same day. Therefore, the treatment is very suitable for patients from abroad who are on site for a few days.

Beauty Cell treatment works in the same way as Recell treatment:

1- Samples of cells are taken by punch biopsy from behind the ear or from body own fat.
2- The new stem cells are prepared in 1-2 hours’ time in special laboratory conditions.
3- As the stem cells are prepared, dermabrasion or laser ablation will be applied around the wounded area to improve healing and can be combined with other treatments at the same time.
4- Subsequently the stem cell suspension completed in the laboratory will be applied as a spray directly on the wound surface.
5- The treatment is performed under local anesthesia / sedation and under sterile conditions in our clinic. The patient is already fit shortly after this treatment and can follow his/her normal daily routine.

After the treatment

From the beginning, the newly formed skin will be reddish and very delicate. It is necessary to protect it from direct sun and not to expose it to any physical influences, such as pressure, extreme temperatures, friction, etc. The specialist gives you advice concerning moisturizing creams to treat the skin regularly. The skin maturing process may take many months and for this whole period, it is necessary to treat the newly formed skin responsibly and protect it adequately.

The first controls are usually planed between fifth and seventh day after the application, when the new skin should be formed already. If the patient follows the recommended treating mode and avoid risk factors, he can return to everyday activities. The first young skin will be perceptible within five to seven days after the application. However, before the skin forms the correct thickness and pigment cells start to form the pigment so that the skin can get its natural color, it will take some time and patience. The coloration, structure and appearance will be gradually improved within the next twelve to eighteen months.

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