Regenera Activa Stem Cell Treatment by experienced Doctors specialized in the field

1. Regenera Activa Stem Cell Treatment

Regenera Activa® methode is currently the most advanced and innovative system that has been developed with stem cells for the regenerative treatment of face skin rejuvenation. It promotes the regeneration of cells and stimulates the supply of nutrients to the face. The aim of the treatment is to utilize the regenerative and vitalizing properties of the growth factors contained in the extracted tissue sample. In clinical studies, the increased cell-forming effect of Regenera Activa® has been approved.

How is the Regenera Activa Stem Cell Treatment done?

First, 6 skin samples (6 punches, each 2.5 mm in diameter) are taken from the area behind the ear. The area is locally anesthetized beforehand. The skin quality of this area is very high as it remains covered and not affected by solar radiation and external factors. The 6 donor areas do not have to be sutured and they heal spontaneously without any problems.

The tissue pieces obtained are processed using a special device – the Rigenera device. The contained cells, mostly stem cells, are separated from the connective tissue fibers and dissolved with saline to prepare for injection.

In the final step during the same session, the finished cell suspension, which contains a very high concentration of specialized stem cells, growth factors and elixir youthness, is injected into the face and affected regions by the doctor with a very fine cannula. The stem cells injected into the face; increase skin youthness, multiply and stimulate the existing skin cells to produce normal terminal cells again.

How often needs the patient Regenera Activa and how long-term are the results?

The procedure will be carried out in the same session in only 1 session, different than traditional Fibrocell stem cell treatments those need 1 month labor process and then 3 sessions work. The Regenera Activa® treatment can be repeated as needed after 1-2 years or after a few years to re-stimulate skin rejuvenation and slow down the aging process.

Regenera activa session takes about 1 hour to prepare and inject the stem cells. First visible results can appear after 3 months. Examinations show that a final result is expected after about 6 months. The results are also sustainable and have a long duration of action.

The treatment is low in pain and associated with low risks, also no chemical additives are used.

2. Stem Cell Treatment with Lipofilling

Recent studies have shown that fat tissue contains a large number of multipotent stem cells, 1000 times more than bone marrow. In Lipofilling (Fat transfer), the fat required is around 50-100 cc. usually sucked out of the abdominal region by a mini liposuction. This fat tissue is separated by centrifugation and then cleaned and prepared in a multi-stage process under sterile conditions. This method enables high-quality micro and nano fat fractions to be obtained and thus the regenerative potential of body own fat to be used more effectively.

After extensive processing of fat, the desired substance, which is also very rich in stem cells, is administered and completed within the same session. Then it is injected specifically into the desired skin regions. The treatment also activates wound healing and growth factors and promotes the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in the target area, improves skin quality and accelerates tissue restructuring.

The studies showed, with a normal body own fat injection, 20-30% of the fat remains on the injected region, with Nano Fat Grafting up to 70-90% is possible. Sustainability of results varies from one patient to another, but Nano Fat injections prove to be a long-lasting treatment. The treatment can be carried out very conveniently under local anesthesia. The risk of intolerance is minimized because it is the body own fat. Only slight pain and small swellings are quite normal in the first few days.

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