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Sagging eyebrows and eyelids can make you look tired and exhausted. A radiant look appears open and personable. During the natural aging process; exposure to sunlight, environmental influences, gravity and repetitive facial expressions lead to slackening of the forehead muscles. This causes the eyebrows to sink laterally over the edge of the eyelids and deep-set eyebrows occur. Many patients are uncomfortable with the negative effects of this sagging on their overall aesthetic appearance and choose to have an eyebrow lift treatment to remove these imperfections.

Endoscopic eyebrow lifting and temporal lift surgery

Thanks to the advances in modern surgery, eyebrow lift and temporal lift can be performed with endoscopic cameras which use very small incisions. This limited incision technique uses an endoscope (a thin tube with a lamp on the end that is attached to a video camera) for surgical imaging. Instead of a long incision, this endoscope is inserted into the scalp in a few incisions, which minimizes the scar tissue and shortens the recovery period. The eyebrows are raised, which raises them and opens the view. In the end, the tissue is tightened and the eyebrows are lifted and modeled. With this method, the incisions will never be seen due to the hairline.

Another technique for eyebrow lifting is the elevation method: With this method, the eyebrows are raised by making an approx. 0.5 cm cut in the hair on the head or at the base of the forehead.

Eyebrow Lift with thread lifting without surgery

A newer method of eyebrow lifting and wrinkle treatment is thread lifting. Through the smallest incisions in the upper area of the eyebrows, fine, barbed threads are inserted to the skin under local anesthesia. They pull the skin up and hold it tight. This lifts and sets the brow bones without removing excess skin. The threads dissolve by themselves over time. The threads remaining in the skin stimulate the connective tissue cells to produce more collagen so that the eyebrow lift is more permanent.

The tightening effect is immediately visible and is developed in the following weeks as the collagen builds up. This gently lifts and stabilizes the loosen tissue. As a result, the face looks younger and fresher. The body breaks down the self-dissolving threads. The result of the thread lifting lasts about 2-3 years. If the effect is lost, the thread lifting can usually be repeated.

Eyebrow Lift with HIFU and Botox

Another option for eyebrow lifting is Ultherapy Energy (highly focused ultrasound energy) and Botox treatment. During the treatment, the ultrasound energy is first applied to different skin levels around the eyes and eyebrows for a long-lasting effect. The whole thing is carried out in one session and the result lasts for about 2 years. In some patients, the effects last even longer, depending on the patient’s life quality. There are no complications or healing time, maybe just slight redness. The results will be visible after the treatment. The end result comes after 2-3 months. Hifu eyebrow lifting treatment can be combined with a Botox treatment for the best result.

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