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The method with the Dermapen, which is also known as a Microneedling or Collagen Induction Percutaneous allows through a minimally invasive procedure, a new, gentle treatment to improve the skin quality.

Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is the further development of the Dermaroller microneedling. In this procedure, a needle cartridge with a certain number of needles is inserted into the skin. The depth can be adjusted here, which means that the procedure can be carried out much more precisely. In the method the doctor uses a special dermapen tool. Depending on the area of application on the skin, there is a difference in how deep the Dermapen device is set, for example for the facial skin needles are used from about 1.5 mm in length. To avoid pain, an anesthetic is applied (e.g. Emla cream). The Derma Treatment is performed with a controlled pressure 6-10 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the affected area. The needles create many holes (micro channels) in the epidermis, which heal in 15 minutes. These micro channels stimulate skin cells without damaging them. Due to these very small injuries a new formation of collagen and elastin fibers is triggered, which makes a better skin texture. Due to its unique properties, DermaPen can be used on delicate surfaces around the eyes, lips and nose.

The application areas of a Dermapen Microneedling

–  Acne scars removal, treatment of scars and hypertrophic scars(thick grown scars)
–  Pigment Disorders
  Eye area
–  Anti-aging
–  Anti-crease
–  Cellulite treatment
–  Hair loss treatment for hair restoration
–  Stretch marks removal
–  Pregnancy stretch marks

After a Microneedling

After treatment, the face can be cleaned with sterile saline solution. After a Derma Treatment your skin may absorb substances 200 times better. If desired, the skin is treated with a hyaluronic mask. The hyaluronic acid draws directly through the small puncture marks in the skin that is very effective and efficient.

After the treatment small redness and swelling may occur. Application of special care products on the treated skin and avoid the strong sun exposure are recommended.

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