Nonsurgical Nose Job by experienced Nose Specialists

Many people with unsightly nose shapes do not trust themselves to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty and anesthesia. With a suitable nose shape, these patients can be treated very effectively with hyaluronic acid without surgery. However, every nose cannot be treated with hyaluronic acid fillers, e.g. changes in the length of the nose, shortening of the nose, narrowing of the nose by wide noses cannot be corrected without surgery.

For nose correction without surgery, a hyaluronic acid filler is injected under the skin of the nose, e.g. for hump and saddle noses, hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin above the hump. The tip of the nose can also be lifted slightly with the help of hyaluronic acid fillers and bumps on the nose can be effectively leveled out. At the beginning of the treatment the nose is analyzed and it will be decided together with the patient at the mirror. Then the nose is balanced with hyaluronic acid. The result is visible immediately after the treatment.

Advantages of Nonsurgical Nose Correction

 Nose correction with hyaluronic acid is suitable for many patients who are afraid of a rhinoplasty.
With a nose correction without surgery, the patient gets a quick result on the nose.
 There are very rare complications with a nose correction without surgery.
The treatment is suitable for those who do not want a change in the length or size of their nose.
Treatment can be reset if the patient is dissatisfied with his new nose shape.

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