Forehead Reduction

Having a large forehead can be a concern for many people. Some people feel that their forehead is out of balance with their facial features. This can lead to a reduction in self-confidence. There are different treatments to restore the self-confidence. Forehead reduction surgery can address concerns you may have with your forehead which is an operation to correct an overly high forehead. The aim of the surgery is lowering hairline with full head of hair. Hairlines in men tend to sit further back on the skull which gives the impression of a more prominent and larger forehead in men. In women, the hairline normally sits at a lower position compared with the forehead in men. This is why, mostly the women are suffering from a large forehead. The reasons of a large forehead can be genetic factors or hair loss. For many women with higher hairlines, the hairline can be lowered into a more female type of hairline with forehead reduction surgery.

The steps of the forehead reduction surgery:

  • Forehead reduction surgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia. The surgery takes between 1,5–2 hours.
  • First, the location of your new hairline is marked. The patient knows, that the skin above this new hairline will be removed and sutured back together. The aim of this, is lowering your new hairline into the marked position.
  • At the beginning of the surgery, the skin will be seperated carefully on the forehead from the connective tissue.
  • Then the skin area above the marked new hairline will be cut and removed.
  • After that, the top incision along the hairline will be pulled down to join the incision at the forehead. This helps close the gap and shorten the forehead.
  • The final step involves suturing the skin margins together to close the incision completely.
  • During the healing process, hair follicles will regrow through the incision line so that the incision remains hidden by the hairline as hair regrows.

With the procedure, up to 5 cm of forehead shortening can be created. Sometimes the skin elasticity of the scalp may not be enough or in some cases where more than 5 cm lowering is needed , then a 2 step procedure may be necessary. In the first step, a temporary implantable device, called tissue expander, will be placed under your scalp. It is an inflatable balloon which will stretch skin when inflated. It is inflated by injecting a sterile saline solution. This implantable device will stay about 4-6 weeks till the skin is stretched enough, then it will be removed. In the second step after the removal of the expander, the surgical hairline advancement takes place.

Recovery after forehead reduction tends to be fast when the patients take their medication and follow the instructions. If an head bandage is put, it protects the forehead and exerts the necessary pressure on the operated area. With the help of the head bandage, the skin must reconnect with the underlying tissue. Bruising, swelling and the tension on the forehead are very normal in the first few days. For this it is important to move your head as little as possible. Regular cooling is important and it helps.

Most patients return to work after 1-2 weeks and start to resume normal activities. You can wear a headband or hat or brush your hair forward to hide the incision in the early period after surgery. You will feel more comfortable once the hair starts to grow through the incision. You may experience temporary numbness at the incision site for up to 3 to 6 months. This numbness should dissipate once the nerves grow back after surgery.

In some cases a hair transplant procedure can be performed to further contour, to increase the density of the hair follicles and reshape the hairline to create a rounded appearance to the sides of the hairline which can look more feminine. Forehead reduction surgery can also be combined with other procedures like a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or a facelift.


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