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The breasts are the symbols of femininity and beauty! The genetics or pregnancy, diet and the aging process of the body can cause small or sagging breasts. Shape and size of the breast play a central role in the body’s own feelings and thus also for the self-esteem in many women. In breast shrinkage, anisomastia (a congenital malformation of the female breast), in the tubular breasts or sagging breasts breast augmentation can be performed with breast lift to give the breasts again a pleasing shape.

Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants

Before you undergo breast augmentation, you should be informed about the surgery. Today, the only process for breast augmentation is the operations that carried out with the implants.

There are several choices for the shape and material of the implants:

Round implants: The upper part of the chest is arched like a push- up bra upwards and round implants can create soft, round and nicely proportioned breasts.

Anatomical implants: These implants have the form of a teardrop, so that the breast may look like more natural.

The outer shell of the implant is made of silicone elastomers and as filler for the implant either silicone gel or a saline solution can be used. Before surgery the surgeon will recommend the optimum shape of the implant depending on your character and desires.

The types of the incisions

The types of cuts for the establishment of the implants:

Inframammary incision (in breast fold): the implant is inserted through a gently curved incision in the fold beneath the breast.

Periareolar incision (around nipple): a semicircular incision is made around the lower half of the areola and the regular skin of the breast.

Transaxilliary incision (under arm): the implant is inserted through an incision in the armpit.

Post-surgical recovery

After surgery a specific bra is adjusted to the patient. Characterized slipping or rotation of the implants is avoided in the first few weeks. The patients should not sleep on their stomach in the first two weeks. Swelling and soft bruising are normal after surgery and regress within a few days and weeks. In rare cases adverse reactions can occur, such as capsular contracture.

Breast Augmentation with Body Own Fat

Regarding the breast shape fat transfer can be performed in the breasts of some patients if the breasts are firm and tight enough. The absorbed fat from the body can be injected into the breasts.

Because some fat cells can stimulate cell growth, some doctors are concerned that fat injected into the breast area may cause dormant breast cancer cells to grow; research needs to be done to find out if this is true, animal experiments have confirmed. For these reasons, breast augmentation with breast implants may be more suitable for many patients.

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