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Meso Therapy, Mesolift, Mesobotox for healthy, fresh skin, spotty, blemished skin, pigments, under eyes in Istanbul, Turkey by doctors specialized in the field.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, but gentle and side-effect -free method, in which by means of a micro- needle, a special product is injected into your skin. Mesotherapy products are nutritive and revitalizing combinations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and circulation-promoting substances.

Applying a Mesotherapy Treatment

– During the treatment, the selected active ingredients, hyaluronic acid and biorevitalizer are prepared according to your skin structure.
– A numbing cream can be used to make the application as comfortable as possible.
– The mesotherapy cocktail is applied into the regenerative layer of the skin on the face, neck, décolleté or back of the hand by a specialist doctor using finest micro-injections. In contrast to other methods, the active substances reach in this way to where they are needed. Mesotherapy is applied to the skin at intervals of 1 cm.
– After the injection, a final massage ensures relaxation and optimal distribution of the active ingredients in the skin tissue.

One session takes about 20 minutes. The number of sessions and the distance between them depends on the initial condition of the skin. As a rule, a more successful result is achieved in young patients and the first successes can be seen after approx. 3-5 treatments. For long-lasting effects, treatment is required every 2-3 weeks. Continuity of the therapy plays an important role for a successful result so that refreshing is recommended every year for maintenance.

Positive effects of Mesotherapy

– The revitalizing of the skin can be supported through Mesotherapy.
– Blood circulation and microcirculation of the skin can be improved.
– The negative effects of genetic and environmental factors on the skin can be reduced with mesotherapy.
– Cell regeneration is stimulated that new skin cells grow faster, healthy and the skin structure remains more stable.

The post-treatment at a Mesotherapy

In use, the mesotherapy has virtually no side effects. After the treatment, the risk of over-sensitive or allergic reaction to the cocktail of active substances is very low. After each treatment, the patient should avoid to wash his/her skin for 1 day, so that the active ingredients are not flushed out. In the course of Mesotherapy, the patient should still avoid sun exposure, tanning booths, and excessive sport activities.

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